"Echoes of Loneliness"

Jan 22, 2023

In night's black veil, I walk alone
With thoughts that weigh on heart and mind.
A heart that's heavy, feeling known,
As I am lost in thoughts unkind.

The wind it howls, a mournful song,
A symphony of grief and pain.
A life that's lived, so right and wrong,
A path that's led me to this lane.

The stars above, they twinkle bright,
A reminder of what once was.
But now my heart is filled with blight,
As I am consumed by bitter cause.

The road ahead is dark and long,
With no end in sight, I'll trudge on.
For I am still, a lonely song,
That echoes on and on and on.

An art piece reflecting on my poetic style, coauthored by ChatGPT.

The Heart

Jan 21, 2023

Have you forgotten?
I wrote this for you.
In the list of old pages,
I reviewed them last night.
Somewhere in there,
Forgotten and worn,
Lies a piece of my heart,
Faded and torn.

You see what you're doing,
It's an accident right?
The words they're a canvas,
You've left me to rot.
And ink fades over time,
Please say you forgot,
That ink it fades daily,
And you're brighter for it.

The Eclectic Mind

Jan 20, 2023

Never satisfied with meanings,
Though they come from my own head.
My thoughts they never sate me,
For there is always more to dread.

Dread, they say, it fuels us.
Like fuel, makes us burn.
Why do you look so tired then,
Saying you have much to learn?

A poem's a lilting ocean,
Of meanings in disguise.
Let nothing mask my meaning,


Autumn Sky

March 10, 2021

Nighttime's velvet starry sky,
Still and silent trees.
From a push of soft and gentle wind,
The heavens slowly spin.
Silver moonlight beams upon
Freshly fallen leaves.
Their orange-red fire burns the sky,
Leaves streaks of black in blue.
Spicy perfume fills the air,
As cold the fires rage.
Silent moonlight floods the earth.
Silently, they dance.
A fleeting glimpse of beauty,
As nature goes to rest.

A Bed of Crystal Flowers

March 10, 2021

Time is moving backward now,
Its current never ends.

What once was whole and beautiful,
Has now been made to bend.

A bed of flowers crowns the earth,
Like silver, gold, and jewels.

But in the end they all shall die,
Foregone will be their hues.

A world of color long abandoned,
Lost of all its traits.

And all that's left will be to wander,
Lust and take and hate.

Then gone will be the flowers,
That wilt in browns and greys.

Life will be forgotten,
In the field of their remains.